Going to the Grand Canyon?

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If you’re planning a holiday to the Grand Canyon, there are a myriad of things you ought to know about the many tours you can go on. Just follow these six tips, and you’ll be able to plan an enjoyable tour you are sure to enjoy.

# 1 – Decide Where To Begin Your Tour

The first thing you want to decide is where you will start your tour to the canyon. Both primary starting points are at the South Rim, which is in Arizona, and Vegas. If you choose a Vegas tour, you can go to the West Rim or the South Rim. If you start from a town in Arizona, you’ll tour the South Rim.

# 2 – Pick On The Rim To Visit

Next, you’ll need to decide which rim you’ll go see. There are a few options. You can choose the South Rim or the West Rim. All tours to the West Rim originate from vegas since it is only 120 miles from there. The South Rim is in northern Arizona and is much farther away. That’s why it’s the best rim to see if you’ll be in an Arizona city.

If you do not know which rim to go to, consider what you would like to experience in the canyon. Is visiting the Skywalk important to you? Do you want to soak up amazing views of nature? Do you want to tour the National Park? By deciding what you need to do, you will know which rim you will need to see so you can do it.

You want to buy your tour beforehand. The canyon tours are extremely popular, so they fill up quickly and sell out. That’s why it’s a good idea to book your tour at least one week in advance. It is even better to book a Vegas tour two weeks beforehand. This is especially true for all of the helicopter tours. In actuality, you may want to book your tour the same time you make reservations for your hotel in Vegas, that way you won’t forget.

# 4 – Book On The Internet

Make certain to keep this tip in mind. This is the best way to do it today. The best deals on tours are found online. That’s because you get to use the low Internet rate. In addition, you’ll get to cut out the booking fees.

# 5 – Establish A Budget

By knowing your budget, you can narrow down the excursions to the ones you can spend. You’ll need to pay the most for a helicopter tour, and the bus tours are the least expensive. Tours by raft and plane fall in between the two extremes. However, if you want to take a landing tour, you will need to depart from Vegas. Flying down to land on the canyon floor is exciting, but the only way you can do that is to have a landing tour out of Vegas to the West Rim.

# 6 – Understand Your Cancellation Policy

You don’t need to skim over the cancellation policy. If you buy from a company other than the reputable ones I recommend, you may wind up in trouble if you need to cancel your tour. Therefore, buying from a recommended company is a good idea because you’ll have peace of mind if you change your travel plans, as you’ll be protected by a 48 hour money back cancellation policy.

By following these six tips, you will be able to plan a fun-filled Grand Canyon tour that fits in your budget. Regardless of what tour you choose, you’ll see beautiful scenic views you will never forget.

The Gold Lining of Trump

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Trump may well prove to be the best thing that has happened to the people of the western world for quite a long time. While I’m not a supporter of Trump as his values are the opposite of mine I observe the effect he is having on individuals (albeit unintentional on his part).

Since Trump won the presidency that I really like to follow the news while driving. The news has come to be so exciting. Why? Within the Trump said/did headlines are inspirational stories of people taking a stand. They’re standing up, saying no that isn’t right nor just, and taking ACTION. Since the announcement of Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord the stories on the news have jumped to a new level of inspirational, and additionally, these stories are carrying the vast majority of the information airtime.

People and organisations alike are suing the government. The judiciary standing in their own wisdom and power put a hold on the travel ban. The scientific community realising that to guarantee change occurs and shield efforts to reduce climate change, the ground and the environment they must become involved in politics and have voted into congress. Majors from a number of cities are thinking for themselves and making their own decisions.

Now European leaders are choosing not to participate with Trump whatever the power, riches and influence of the usa. These are only a handful from many cases of people making the decision to stand for truth, justice and what’s right and good.

Adhering to a Professor of Environmental Studies yesterday talking about Trump’s potential decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord create the most astonishing claim. He said as his initial response”Despite the conclusion of the US authorities the US Society will still back the Paris Climate Accord”. Notably he didn’t lament or criticise Trump, he did not bother, he was just focused on what could be done regardless of Trump. This is an incredibly daring statement and to me is symbolic of a real turnaround in human character.

Now with the Trump announcement that “Possum Poop” is pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Accord – the news is filled with people, cities, organisations, large companies all talking about their commitment to keep on supporting the Paris Climate Accord no matter Trumps decision. The news hasn’t been so inspiring as it is now. Trump is sparking a passion in people to stand in their own wisdom and power, galvanising and doubling their responsibilities to help bring about a world that’s clean and green.

People, Our Nature and Earth are the winners. Being faced with the disregard for the welfare of this world has electrified people to care more than ever before. Trump has generated an unparalleled dedication at an entirely new level to caring for our world. This will hopefully cause a long-term change in living in harmony with nature, caring for the water, the atmosphere, the earth, our world. It could even create a contest to see who can leave the lightest footprint on the ground.

As wild fires are needed each sometimes to burn off the old timber, rejuvenate and seed from the new beginnings of a new forest, so too is the uncontrolled flame of Trumps ego and self centeredness sparking a fresh start in the western world. Individuals are opting for justice and truth, balance and stability and locating within themselves the determination required to stand their own wisdom and power.

Folks learn and grow by hardship. Adversity and negative scenarios give us the chance to find within ourselves the ability to push back on the negative and rise up to become more then we ever could be before. We also can discover what we really want, what’s most important to us by being faced with exactly what we do not want. Trump is giving the people this chance, a chance even the best president couldn’t give.

This time in our history appears to indicate a fork in the road. I’m reminded of Hopi’s Prophecy Rock which has gained such prominence in the past two decades as a dire warning to humankind. “The brief line that contributes to the straight Path of Life is your last opportunity for people to return to character before the top road disintegrates and dissipates.” Trump and his manners represent so perfectly the top left hand street that disintegrates. The perfect hand path brings humanity back to nature”The little circle over the Path of Life, following the last opportunity, is the terrific Purification, and corn will increase in prosperity again when the excellent Spirit returns.

Trump provides us in the west the litmus test of this Prophecy Rock Life Path. It appears many folks are overwhelmingly deciding on the best path within the one represented by Trump, of selfishness, greed, substance focus and self-interest. They’re choosing the path of character, integrity, truth, justice, stability and equilibrium.

Trump is helping individuals to gain their own freedom, to genuinely individuate from the mindless following of authority and we could no longer be beholden come what may to”authority”.

To understand exactly how important the evolutionary shift is that is happening today, we must look back at how deeply ingrained was the requirement to obey authority within the mind and unconscious of humankind.

Happily Stanley Milgram gave us a step that we compare ourselves to. Revealing that we actually are changing.

They quantified the willingness of research participants, men from a wide assortment of jobs with varying degrees of education, to comply with an authority figure who taught them to do acts conflicting with their private conscience; the experiment found, unexpectedly, that a very significant proportion of people were ready to obey, albeit reluctantly, even if seemingly causing serious distress and injury.” Wikipedia. While some finally said no, even the majority of these individuals still applied the electrical shock lots of times until they said no and stopped.

Only a very few awesome people said NO quite fast. Sadly nobody explored what these folks were doing inside themselves that made them different from the majority. This sort of experiment has been demonstrated many times with comparable or even higher% effects. The requirement to comply with”authority” has been deeply hardwired into our subconscious.

Just 56 brief years thanks to Trump individuals in the west are standing up to so called”Authority” because that authority isn’t acting in integrity with the best interests of all and Earth. All this is being done in a calm and proactive manner. That’s singularly incredible. I call this a massive paradigm shift in consciousness.

This change isn’t occurring in everybody nor does it have to. All that’s needed is sufficient people to produce the 100th monkey effect for these changes to become generative.

Trump has no power by himself. Dating – with those who execute his wishes, the White House community, the organizations that implement the principles, the worldwide community and the People. Stress and bullying is no-longer a currency that works, just relationships that are respectful, co-operative, co-creative, based in ethics and for the greater good is going to do. Without these relationships he’s powerless.

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To change habits it’s recommended work with for two weeks with every issue you’re wishing to bring transformation to.

Currently available in America.

Creation of Fire Myths

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To students of mythology, particular characters in the myths, legends and folktales of the many cultures are often called the gods, sometimes as culture heroes, occasionally deities or higher spirits disguised in animal form. Mankind has learned exceedingly useful lessons and contains generally ascribed that new knowledge to these beings; some noted person or animal, typically a deity in some form or other, because society’s cultural mythology. These mythical benefactors that have brought these practical advantages to men are usually placed among the gods or at least at some level above the great unwashed. They have been the teachers and culture heroes to humanity.

In these cultural mythologies throughout the world it’s often the senior deities on high (sky gods) who bestowed gifts on mankind transforming human society from the nomadic hunter-gatherers to settlers and a more civilized culture. Gifts like agriculture, arts & crafts, the national sciences, trades, technology, etc.. Then there is fire.

In the historical record, all else being equal, probably the human discoverers of passion of the many cultures around the world would be among the best remembered of all those benefactors. This would naturally be the case, for no greater good has touched man’s physical life than passion. The usefulness of fire (heat and light) would have been obvious to Blind Freddy and it should not have been difficult to determine what was fuel (wood, leaves, dry grass, etc.) and what wasn’t fuel (rocks, sand, etc.); the hard bit would have been once coming across flame, or having fire come across you, to keep it under control and in continuous supply – not letting it go out. The next step would have been figuring out how to artificially create fire.

But that’s not what the mythologies relate. Mythologies do not tell us that people themselves discovered fire; discovered its applications; how to tame fire and how to make fire without direct benefit of Mother Nature. No, mythologies tell us that fire has been given to us directly, not from the senior gods, but by junior deities, in defiance of their seniors.

Mythologies often are suggestive that the senior gods didn’t for various reasons depending on the society/culture and the origin (who is telling the tale) wish to give humans the gift of fire. Oddity number two is what is the big deal about fire anyway? It’s nothing like giving a five-year-old a loaded gun! Were the senior gods worried we were then going to strike them with flaming arrows such as Indians attacking a covered wagon train?

However, lesser deities, middle management from the pantheon of gods, frequently trickster gods, sometimes cultural heroes, occasionally spirits disguised as animals often thought humans should have the present and benefit of passion. And that means you have many close universal tales of those beings steading fire from their superiors and giving it to us mortals. Theft or trickery, the use of deceit of some kind, is almost inseparably connected with humans acquiring fire as related from cultures all around the world. Oddity number three is why these lesser deities were of the contrary opinion that humans should have fire (keeping in mind we’d should have naturally had it anyhow ). Anomaly number four is being of the opinion why centre management deities would behave so defiantly against the directive of the betters. When you defy the top brass you know you’re not going to get off lightly. Some, like Prometheus suffered through repeated grievous bodily torture by authority of Zeus for giving us mortals fire, which makes his (and collectively their) mutiny all the odder. Prometheus’s theft of fire is remembered even today via the symbolism of the Olympic Flame or Torch.

However, the fundamental oddity is still the first one. Consider the case of Zeus and Prometheus again. The Greeks, way back before even Methuselah was in diapers, must have known about and employed the use of fire. Zeus had no say in the matter; Prometheus’s contrary opinion and activities were irrelevant.

If the story of the theft and gift of fire via Prometheus were the be-all-and-end-all of the’how humanity acquired fire’ tale, then it could probably be dismissed as pure fiction.

Prometheus is not the only case study of grabbing a hold of fire from senior management. Prometheus, the classical fire giver, is most widely known in literature. But while Prometheus is associated with the Mediterranean region, the deity Maui belonged to the length and breadth of the Pacific Ocean.

Of all of the helpful gods of Pacific mythology, Maui, the mischievous Polynesian, is beyond question the hero to the largest numbers of countries scattered over that wide expanse of land, including Hawaii. Maui is of course connected with the theft and present of fire.

But Hawaii is also a society which holds in awe the powerful and somewhat fickle goddess Pele. In Hawaiian mythology Pele controls Hawaii’s volcanoes and volcanic activity (in addition to fire, lightning, and wind) and as we all know, Hawaii is a volcanic hot zone; the islands were formed by volcanic eruptions, eruptions that still occur in the here and now. Hawaiians cannot be ignorant of fire. Molten lava sets fire to things! Does that make Maui immaterial?

It would naturally be supposed that the Hawaiians residing in a volcanic country with ever-flowing fountains of lava would connect their passion myths with some volcano when relating the story of the origin of fire. But like the rest of the Polynesians, Hawaiians discovered fire via Maui rather than naturally in rivers of molten rock.

Polynesians must have brought their passion legends and fire habits with them when they came to the Hawaiian islands of active volcanoes.

Then there’s the Maori narrative of fire’s origin, again starring Maui.

It was from her that Maui got the secret of creating fire. Maui, finding that fire has been lost on the earth, resolves to find Mahuika the Fire-goddess and learn the secret art of getting fire. His tricks of course make her furious and, although he obtains the secret of passion, he barely escapes with his life.

The cultural hero Bue of the Gilbert Islands is another in the long list of fiery pickpockets. Ditto that of Botoque of the central Brazilian tribe the Kayapo.

It is worth noting that in many myths not only was fire stolen, but birds indicated by black or red spots among their feathers were associated with the theft. In Brittany the golden or fire-crested wren steals fire and is red-marked while so doing.

Some swiftly-flying bird or fleet-footed coyote would take the stolen fire to the house of the tribe. We have Cherokee mythology say the Spider stole fire; tribes of the Pacific Northwest and First Nations peoples relate that fire was nicked from the Coyote, Beaver or Dog and contributed to humans; according to a Yukon First Nations individuals, Crow stole fire from a volcano; in accordance with the Creek Indians, Rabbit stole fire; ditto that in Algonquin mythology – firing was stolen by Rabbit; them rabbits or hares also stole fire and gave it to the Ojibwas in accordance with their own myths.

In Africa, the Mason-wasp was the go-between obtaining fire for the Ila people from their version of God. Tore of the Mbuti in Zaire is the local version of Prometheus. The different Bushmen of Africa such as the Pygmies of the Congo stole fire from their God. The Dogons of the Mali have Nummo spirits (heavenly blacksmiths) and one of their first ancestors nicked a bit of the sun in their smithy.

Oddity number five is that the individual authors of those mythological’theft and gift of fire’ tales – if myths they really be – would have realized, must have realized, that fire was a natural element of their human environment and therefore the’gift of fire’ was an unnecessary gift and therefore the theft from the lesser deities was equally unnecessary as was the restriction by the senior sky gods in the first location. If a modern day writer wrote such illogical claptrap they simply wouldn’t get published.

Anomaly number six is the reason why in mythologies from diverse parts of the world have the seniors deciding to withhold fire from mankind; their juniors or other lesser beings humanised animals defying them and stealing fire from them and giving it to us terrestrials. It’s an unlikely enough narrative that, fine, may appear once like in Zeus and Prometheus, but not independently over and over again. So, either we have an outstanding anomalous set of unlikely coincidences, or else the story is really real and thus not mythology in any respect.

Now perhaps the’gift of fire’ describes not so much to real fire as to instead the gift of earning fire, as in how to (i.e. – rubbing two sticks together or striking together two rocks to make sparks). While that concept is more philosophically akin to the senior gods giving those other gifts of civilization to mankind, that’s not exactly what the mythologies describe. What’s described is fire in its pure form that is given out, post theft by lesser gods, not how to make fire.

Analysis: The upshot of all of this is that the theft-of-fire mythology isn’t myth but really real. But, the restrictions of the seniors and the defiance of the juniors imply that fire wasn’t the real concern here. Somehow fire has been substituted for something different. That’s a something that is not a natural element of their human environment and that’s something which if given to people may be akin to this five-year-old holding a really real loaded pistol – or worse.

So if fire in the hands of us primitives isn’t really a big deal, and because the’gods’ couldn’t stop us from discovering and using fire under any set of circumstances, what might the true concern be? It has to be something along the nature of fire – bright and hot and hard to control; something that in the hands of humans might prove a threat to the gods. Nuclear power and weapons seem to be just a tad too improbable. We are in need of something between a wonderful campfire and Hiroshima/Nagasaki. What about normal explosives or thermal weapons because the real’fire’ which was stolen and given to humanity?

Explosives per say were probably not what was meant by fire. Explosives, gunpowder, etc. was a Chinese invention somewhere between the ninth and eleventh centuries AD, and from there spread to the Middle East and hence Europe. That’s a bit too late in historic terms for explosives to have been a gift from Prometheus and all those others.

However, the use of heat as a weapon, thermal weapons, can be dated back to at least the ninth century BC. That is historically more like the era we would like. And how can you quickly and easily generate heat? – With fire of course. The actual bit here is that it is not just pure fire which is used as in flaming arrows or burning a wooden fort, or burning crops and areas (scorched earth policy), but flame or heat augmented by chemicals and then moved to where it’s needed.

By way of example, a whole variety of heated chemicals, from water to sand to several petroleum-based compounds (oil, pitch, bitumen etc.) could be thrown on enemy personnel or hurled onto different constructions, fortifications, even ships at sea to be able to destroy or serious damage them.

When it comes to ancient naval warfare, locating and utilizing a chemical substance that burns while drifting on the water, well this would be heaven-sent as it had been. Such substances forms what today is commonly called’Greek fire’ though Greek fire proper, however, wasn’t invented until about 672 AD, again a bit too late for Prometheus.

Moreover, various sulphur-based substances and quicklime are useful as toxic/blinding agents. There are always smoke bombs which can be employed as well.

In short, it wasn’t fire that the senior gods wanted to keep from our grubby little paws, but the use of thermal weapons via the use of substances and various chemical properties useful in warfare, incendiary mixtures, the basic ingredient being heat first and foremost, heat usually provided by fire.

The unanswerable question is why the reluctance on the part of the senior gods to provide humanity fire, or way more likely something similar to fire but much more dangerous like thermal weaponry technology, and the counterpart unanswerable question why therefore the seemingly extreme opposition to that policy from other so-called lesser deities and cultural personalities? The one thing that makes sense is that the seniors were opposed because it was akin to giving a child a loaded pistol. The opposition on the other hand figured it was probably inevitable we would figure it all out for ourselves anyway, and giving the technology to us sooner rather than later after stealing it in the first place from higher authority gave the powers-that-be some type of control – the child with the loaded pistol was supervised.

Tornado Prep

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Tornadoes are terrifying and destructive events that may change your life in an instant. Discover 3 simple steps in”How to Survive a Tornado 1-2-3 Guide” that can improve your family’s odds of surviving the next big tornado.

1. Create a Family Plan

Talk ahead of time with family members about your designated location to wait out the tornado. If you don’t have one of these the next best place within your home would be on the lowest floor, closest to the center of your home, away from any glass or windows. A hallway or bathroom that is toward the center of your house is good. Ducking and covering your head in the bathtub will help to protect you from flying debris.

Periodic tornado drills are an excellent way to prepare your loved ones, especially children, ahead of time for a tornado.

If you are outdoors try to find a building to take refuge. Steer clear of windows, cars and any downed electrical lines.

Understand what the terms Tornado Watch and Warning mean so that you can act accordingly. A “Tornado Watch” is issued to inform the community that they should be on the lookout of a possible tornado and a “Tornado Warning” is issued when a tornado has been really picked up on radar. If there is a tornado warning issued in your area it is your sign to take cover immediately.

For active weather alerts and monitoring of any storm in advance please visit NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

If you reside in a mobile home, it’s wise to discover a nearby shelter to take cover as mobile homes are much more vulnerable to damage from the high winds of a tornado.

Try to eliminate as much external storage as possible. Secure little structures, such as sheds, to their foundations.

Keep emergency supplies on hand like a Tornado Survival Kit and sufficient food and water to last for a couple of weeks.

Keep an emergency mobile radio on hand, preferably one that doesn’t require batteries so that you can keep current on the path of this tornado.
Many times when we are preparing for a disaster we forget to plan for our little four-legged friends. They’re an important part of the family and their needs need to be cared for as well.

Make sure that your pet has a collar with its own identification on it. Better still, get your pet micro chipped.

Make sure your pets’ medicine is filled.

Put your pet in a hard carrier cage while you are riding out the tornado in your designated spot.

Make certain your pet is on a leash if you go outdoors after the tornado has passed. There’s very likely to be many downed electric wires and many dangerous objects from the flying debris of the storm.

Maintain a Pet First Aid Kit on hand in case your pet is injured during the tornado.

If you’re separated from your pet make sure you go in to the local shelter and leave your pets information. Someone may recognize your pet and be able to return him/her back to you.
Your chances will be greatly increased of living the next major tornado by making a family program, preparing your home and gathering all the essential lifesaving survival supplies before the disaster occurs. Your family will feel much more at ease having gone through these measures. Therefore, don’t delay. Get prepared!

Hispaniola and Hurricanes

Cold Front Warm Front Hurricane Felix 2007

Hurricanes are so important to the history of the Dominican Republic, the word itself has its origins there. The native Taino people called the fierce tropical storms passing through the Caribbean,”hurakans” which is thought to have been derived from the Inca word for their God of Evil. Thus, the native word hurakan, quickly became integrated into the Spanish language. The Taino had no written language so the Spaniards just sounded it out phonetically. The word”hurricane” is the anglicized spelling of the Spanish version of the word.

The peak of the season falls somewhere between late August and early September. However, you should keep in mind that some of the deadliest Category 4 and Category 5 hurricanes have shown themselves earlier in the season. To put it differently, it is impossible to predict for certain when the largest hurricanes of this season will hit.

The Dominican Republic shares the big island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Normally, Hispaniola gets a direct hit with a significant hurricane about every 23 years. However, close calls are a lot more frequent. Hispaniola gets brushed by the outer bands of a significant hurricane about every 5 years. Moreover, it’s fairly normal for the Dominican Republic to be pounded with tropical storms during the hurricane season. This is the reason why so many people planning a visit to the Dominican Republic are concerned about the weather but I will return to this point later.

The intensity of hurricanes in the Caribbean region are grouped by the Saffir-Simpson hurricane intensity scale. The evaluations are based on the maximum sustained wind speeds in the wall of the hurricane. In other words, the average rate of all the winds averaging a minute or longer. Wind gusts associated with hurricanes that last just a few seconds can, and usually are, even faster in speed. The Saffir-Simpson intensity ratings are meant to serve as a rough guide to the potential wind damage and storm surge (the wall of ocean water the storm pushes inland) a hurricane can bring.

It is important to note that hurricane strength increases exponentially, not linearly, as you go up the scale by a Category 1 hurricane to a Category 5 hurricane. In other words, a Category 4 hurricane isn’t just 4 times as intense as a Category 1 hurricane, it is about 255 times as intense!

Although it’s important to know about the different categories of hurricanes, it is also important to realize that it these categories can sometimes be misleading in regards to the quantity of damage they may impose. There are instances when a Category 1 hurricane can wreak as much havok for a Category 3 or 4. In these cases, you need to look at other factors besides wind speed. For instance, a slow moving Category 1 storm may dump far more water into an area than a fast moving Category 3 hurricane. All this extra water may cause rivers to flood, bridges to topple, dams to break, etc.. The size of the population of an area and how sound the infrastructure is also very important to how much damage a hurricane can cause. If there are a whole lot of people around which feeble buildings, a Category 1 or 2 hurricane can be totally devastating.

We should also talk about tropical storms. Tropical storms are described as well organized storms with an eye which has maximum sustained wind speeds ranging between 39-73 miles — in other words, basically a baby hurricane. The ability of these tropical storms should not be under-estimated just because they do not get called a”hurricane” in modern terminology. Odette is an example of a tropical storm that did considerable damage — in fact, as much as some hurricanes have caused. In 2003, Odette hit the Dominican Republic at 60 mph. As a result, 85% of the banana crop was destroyed as well as many other crops. More than 60,000 homes were lost across the area and 8 individuals were directly killed by the tropical storm. So, you can see that a tropical storm is nothing to sneeze at! Of course, when the Taino probably talked about”hurakans,” they didn’t make such a distinction between tropical storms and hurricanes because they are on the same continuum.

The first voyage of Christopher Columbus to the New World in 1492 was created in the month of September, usually the most active month for hurricanes. But he and his crew enjoyed very pleasant weather on that first voyage and never encountered a hurricanes. Now that’s one for the other novelists to take into account! In Columbus’ second and third voyages that he and his crew did encounter hurricanes.In reality, early Spanish colonies on Hispaniola, such as Isabella named after the Queen of Spain, were totally destroyed by hurricanes. But it was the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus that produced the largest hurricane recorded in those early years of Spanish conquest but the history books have been lacking in pointing out the importance of this hurricane (see below).

In July of 1502, on his 4th voyage to the New World, Columbus noticed a veil of cirrostratus clouds developing, an oily swell coming from the southeast, and several other indicators that he took for a storm coming. He sent a message to Ovando, the Spanish Governor of Hispaniola, to warn him not to send out the Spanish fleet of 30 gold ships that were due to leave for Spain. He also asked for permission to dock his ships at Santo Domingo. Ovando wasn’t a fan of Columbus and mocked his request and sent the fleet of 30 Spanish gold boats in their merry way. As they were traversing the Mona Passage between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, 29 of the 30 ships sank, killing everyone on board and dropping the massive fortune of gold. Columbus and his men rode out the storm on the south side of Hispaniola with the mountains to guard against the worst portion of the storm and survived it by the skin of their teeth. Historians think this hurricane was probably a powerful Category 3 or Category 4 hurricane. Some historians called it the”Columbus Hurricane” because he predicted it.

There have been many terrible hurricanes and fierce tropical storms in the Dominican Republic over the decades — far too numerous to list them all here. However, I’d like to mention a few of the more notable ones.

San Zenon was a Category 4 hurricane that hit the Dominican Republic in 1930. It’s widely considered one of the deadliest Atlantic hurricanes on record. It hit Puerto Rico first but the brunt of the damage was to the Dominican Republic. It was a Category 4 that was just under a Category 5 in relation to wind speed with150 mph winds. 2000 people died and it basically leveled Santo Domingo. San Zenon was a very broad hurricane and its aftermath spread out within a 20 mile radius. Everything in sight was devastated. This was before modern hurricane proof buildings so almost every structure in Santo Domingo fell.

Thinking about the path of destruction that San Zenon left behind reminds me when the Taino people referred to a”hurakan” they were not just referring to the real physical event but also the devastation it leaves in its wake. The lost lives, the accidents, the downed trees, the destroyed plants, the destroyed structures, the flooding… all of this would have been contained from the Taino definition of the word hurricane. So, to the Taino, a hurricane included the effects of a hurricane that you see after it passes over.

Another hurricane that won’t ever be forgotten in the Dominican Republic was named David. It is one of the biggest cyclones to be born off the coast of Africa. It was a Category 5 hurricane and it hit August 31, 1979. The wind speed of this devastating hurricane was clocked at a whopping 175 mph!! 70% of all the crops in the country were destroyed. 200,000 homes were lost. More than 2000 people were killed and every major river in the country was flooded. Entire communities were isolated and the consequences were felt across the entire country, although the southern region was hardest hit.

Another very memorable storm was George which struck September 22, 1998. This one dumped more rain than any other in modern history. Crops were destroyed, pastures for livestock were destroyed, and food had to be brought in from outside the country or the people would have starved.

Sometimes the smaller Category 1 hurricanes can cause a whole lot of harm and inconvenience if they hit in just the perfect location. This is certainly true for Jeanne that hit on September 17, 2004. This Category 1 hurricane affected the very popular tourist area of Punta Cana and other places on the east shore. Bridges were removed and travel became impossible for some time.

Most tourists to the Dominican Republic aren’t from areas that are hit by hurricanes in order that they may not have a great understanding of what to do if they hear that a hurricane is coming. So, here is some advice on what to do If you are visiting the Dominican Republic during hurricane season. First, you shouldn’t worry too much about hurricanes. Yes, they can be tremendous but the probability of a direct hit to your region is extremely low, even in the peak of hurricane season, AND the infrastructure is significantly better today. To put it differently, if you are staying at a modern hotel, it is build to withstand hurricanes. Second, do not forget that the hotel operators and tour operators have been through hurricanes before and they are well prepared. They know exactly what to do and they have contingency plans for dealing with every possibility. They also have back up satellite communication devices in case the principal communication goes down as well as plenty of emergency supplies. Therefore, you’ll be safe if you heed their instructions.

The fantastic news about hurricanes is that you get loads of warning when they are coming, unlike other natural disasters such as tornadoes that can hit with very little notice. The resort operators on the Punta Cana coast and south coast of the Dominican Republic are especially well prepared for big weather events. When they get word that a hurricane is coming, and this will happen more than 24 hours beforehand, they will execute their hurricane plans immediately. Furthermore, the buildings on the Punta Cana shore are the most modern and hurricane proof of any you will find anywhere in the entire Caribbean. They are built with concrete blocks and steel rods and designed to withstand high speed storm force winds.

Cleaning Robots

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The unit comes programmed to work by itself to give your home a clean look.

Who wants the vacuum cleaner?

The unit is ideal for different types of people. In case you’ve got a physical handicap this unit is excellent for you. Since it doesn’t require plenty of your involvement, it is able to eliminate dust and dirt thus keeping your house clean. The unit is also ideal for you if your home has lots of hard surfaces and briefer carpet lengths. Research shows that the robots are unable to work on carpets that are too thick because the tiny wheels can not traverse the carpeting.

Experts recommend the units to people with little apartments. The vacuums aren’t designed to deal with large rooms thus you shouldn’t go for them if you’ve got a 10 bedroom mansion. For those who have a 1 bedroom apartment you can go ahead and buy the unit. Along with the cost of running the robot vacuum cleaner going up when you have many rooms, you also put the unit at the chance of failing when you do so.

Taking a look at the device features

The robot vacuum cleaner has a number of exciting features that include:

Sensor technology: The sensors allow the components to negotiate its way around the home. The technology differs with the make and brand of the vacuum cleaner. There are some that use the infrared detectors while some use laser-guided scanners.

Remote control: There are a few units that come with a remote control that lets you control the unit from the comfort of your chair. Others have a phone app that allows you to not just direct them around the house, but also schedule the cleaning at different times of the day. When buying the units, go to get a unit with a smart functionality. This is to allow automatic house cleaning.

Brushes: Brushes determine how well the vacuum cleaner works. The units come with unique kinds of brush types. There are those that have brush bars using beaters that lift dirt to the surface then suck it up. There are others that have turbo brush bars. There are others that have sweeper brushes that come in handy in directing dirt to the path of the vacuum cleaner. When making the purchase, you need to research and find the right brushes to your floor.

Adults Color?

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When you haven’t done so you might want to try your coloring methods on a new hobby known as coloring for adults. Its popularity began out as way of occupying your idle time when traveling or waiting your turn to get an appointment at the physician’s or dentist’s office.

This new trend has gone beyond its use for doodling or a kind of activity for comfort, or an activity for the older. Hobbyists are finding this to be an enjoyable activity and are utilizing their finished art pieces in craft jobs.

Individuals that are contemplating art or find they have a possible or interest in learning how to draw and colour find this new hobby interest is assisting and building their confidence to progress their art training.

The first book we bought had 39 images of mandala drawings. A little box of basic coloring pens started our experience. We worked together with the primary colours of orange, San Marcos Wildlife Removal red, blue, green, purple. Black, white, and some different tints that were in the little box. The first starting stage began with the methods of our elementary school years. The instructions included the colour wheel that we began paying attention to after becoming bored with the basic colours.

As you follow tips for warm and cool colors one starts to understand how colors provide contrast or compliment each other. The psychological side advantages of tranquility and instant rewards encourage learning.

The mandala drawings, which are circles full of geometric patterns, alter their look with selected colors. There might be three of you coloring and every one of you will have a unique kaleidoscopic view due to the color choices made by each person.

If you’re anything like me, I started downloading free examples provided by artists situated Online.

Clean and dry
Buy coloring books
Download from the online
Create your own drawings or drawings
No added accessories or equipment
there are various sizes of boxed colored pens available. We started with a little box and learned how to combine colors to boost tint variety. Later we bought larger boxes to get more variety, but nevertheless found that we like mixing colours to get the hue that’s just right for the job.
Coloring is a fun hobby; attempt it, you might like it.

The Old Economics

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The theories of the classical school, which dominated economic thinking in Great Britain until approximately 1870, focused on Satellite Beach Bat Removal economic freedom and economic development, stressing laissez faire suggestions and competition that is free.

In analyzing the functions of free enterprise, the rudiments of a labor theory of value along with a principle of distribution were introduced by Smith. In his labour principle of value, Ricardo stressed that the importance (i.e., price) of items produced and marketed under cut-throat circumstances will be proportionate to the labor expenses incurred in making them. Ricardo completely realized, nonetheless, which over brief periods cost depends on demand and supply. This idea began to be fundamental to classical economics, as did Ricardo’s principle of supply, which divided national product between 3 community classes: salary for laborers, earnings for owners of funds, and rents for landlords. Taking the minimal growth potential of any national economic climate as a certain, Ricardo concluded that a certain public course could acquire a bigger share of the complete product only at the cost of another.

These along with other Ricardian theories were restated by Mill in Principles of Political Economy (1848), a treatise that marked the culmination of classical economics. Mill’s office associated abstract economic theories to real world social variables and thereby lent new authority to economic ideas.

The labor theory of worth, for example, was used by Karl Marx, who worked out many of its rational ramifications and combined it with the idea of surplus value, which was created on the premise that man labor alone generates all value and hence represents the sole source of earnings.

A lot more significant were the consequences of classical economic notion on free trade doctrine. Possibly the most important was Ricardo’s fundamental principle of relative advantage, which says that each and every nation must specialize in the generation of those commodities it is able to deliver most efficiently; everything must be imported. This idea means that whether all countries were taking full advantage of the territorial division of work, total world output will automatically be bigger than it would be if countries attempted to be self sufficient. Ricardo’s comparative advantage concept became the basis of 19th century international trade theory.

Keeping Your Safety Online

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The introduction of the internet has brought westmelbournesquirrelremoval.com closer and made it possible for you to socialize with your social circles right from your mobile device or PC. It’s no surprise then, that almost everyone has a presence on those platforms. But while this is the positive side of the online social world, there is also another negative side to all of this.

A recent survey by Cybersecurity company Norton by Symantec conducted in 2017 shows that online harassment is increasing in India, with 80% of the surveyed users admitting to have encountered some form of it. Online harassment can manifest in several forms. We’ve listed some of the most common Ways you can be harassed online and also some ways in which you can protect yourself against these dangers:

Identity Theft:

If you’re on Social Media, odds are that you’ve got personal information – such as your photos, details of your educational background, your relationships – floating around. This provides online fraudsters the opportunity to take this advice and use it to commit frauds or unlawful acts. By way of example, fraudsters obtain private details like your Aadhaar card number or personal information like email ID and then uses it to execute fraudulent or illegal activities, landing you in trouble. Sounds scary? It is.

Cyber Stalking:

If yes, and especially if you’re a woman, you’d have definitely received disturbing messages from strangers. This is only a very basic level of cyberstalking and has been proven to escalate very easily. Not just strangers, but there is an increasing number of cases of cyberstalking by acquaintances, friends, and family as well. Not only can this be very frustrating and annoying, but can also lead to a situation where it becomes hopeless and terrifying.

Media Liability:

The majority of us consider our Social Profiles the place from where we could express our views. But what happens when someone takes something you posted, takes it out of context and misrepresents your viewpoint? It sounds benign, but it can land you in serious legal trouble. By way of example, if you make a podcast/blogs and someone hacks into it, takes control of it and sets out content that is defamatory, infringes on any intellectual property or leads to an invasion of an individual’s rights of privacy then you may land in legal trouble.

So how can you protect yourself?

Some fundamental practices you can follow to avoid such situations are:

Set strong passwords and don’t share them with anybody.

Check the privacy settings of your social profile and make sure that you’ve enabled the setting which prevents unconnected individuals from viewing your information or downloading your pictures

Never share sensitive information like your phone number, address or email address on your social profile, and if you do, make sure that they are concealed from the public

Don’t engage with strangers, however familiar they seem.

Censor yourself while posting through your social profiles.

While these measures will keep you protected to some degree, anti-social elements looking to cause harm will always find a way to do so. In case you end up in an uncomfortable situation online, you should report the incident or the consumer who is causing trouble for you. You may also lodge a complaint with the Cyber Cell in case things get out of control. Our Individual Cyber Safe Insurance will make certain that the financial setbacks you could incur due to such an event get minimized.

Why Clarity Is Important

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Becky lived in an apartment with a couple of roommates, and she wanted a distance of her own. Faced with all the options available to her, she kept saying,”I am so confused.” She was afraid she was going to make Raccoon Poop the wrong choice, get trapped somewhere she didn’t want to be, or miss out on something better. So she did not pick anything different and even when her roommates changed, she remained where she was.

Clarity is critically important for you to understand what you would like. Once you are clear on your goal, you can focus on it and proceed in that direction. Clarity is essential that you have success in any area of your life. If you don’t understand what you want, you will just drift along and get the results of the average of your own thoughts.

Without clarity, you are in a perpetual state of confusion. This causes insecurity and stress, which only creates more turmoil. You run around in circles and do not get anywhere. You may look at one choice after another, and all the possibilities you face generates more chaos for you.

But the only person who is generating your confusion is you. By affirming that you are in this state, refusing to commit to a path, or allowing yourself to get overwhelmed by choices, you’re contributing to the challenge. You’re giving your subconscious mind the message to keep you scattered. The underlying issue might be that you’re trying to avoid responsibility, afraid you will make a mistake, get stuck in a situation, or fail.

Believe it or not, uncertainty is a selection. It’s a decision not to decide. As soon as you whittle down your options, and choose a direction, it clears away the mental fog. It may become evident that you don’t wish to go that route. That’s fine. It is possible to stay open to other possibilities and change your thoughts. But don’t change it too much, or you’ll find yourself back in the mists that clouded your mind in the first location.

When you choose a track and decide to keep on it, the haze clears away, and you can see a little way ahead. Take one step, then another. At this point, you don’t need to know where you are going to wind up. It is enough that you’ve chosen to move in a way. Because when you are moving, your subconscious can guide you.

Initially, any direction is better than being stalled. Thus, even if you’re not certain about what you would like, pick a path. As you’re moving, you will discover exactly what you would like and do not want. Write down your goals or intentions. Then read them daily.

Once you’ve made a decision, do not second guess yourself. If new information comes your way, or situation change, then you can reevaluate your choice. But don’t be distracted by a shiny, new idea or opportunity that leads you into another way without some reason. The diversion is a mirage and an old habit trying to prevent change. If you get uncomfortable, it’s only the old custom of confusion trying to lure you back into its lair. Stay on track, and confusion will fade away.

As you construct your commitment to your own decisions, you’ll gain confidence that you can make wise ones. Your inner self will guide you to make ones that take you on your optimal path. Trust yourself, because you do have the knowledge inside to make the right choices for your greatest good.

We All Like To Save Money On Coffee!

Clear Glass Cup Filled With Cappuccino Beside Croissant Bread

Dunkin coupons can get you a lot more than just doughnuts – believe it or not, and they can actually get you Critter Control Stuart FL and as close to a full meal as possible all in one convenient place.

How is it that a doughnut shop is able to provide such an extensive menu? It all began with the chain’s increased emphasis on marketing its coffee, which after all deserved a wider audience. The favorite of fast food goers as well as food critics, Dunkin Donut coffee was-and nevertheless is-surprisingly good, so you’ll likely want to store your Dunkin’ coupons for a cup or two! In actuality, so proud is the donut chain of its coffee products which in 2003, it saw fit to add coffee cup to its emblem.

Dunkin coupons are of course welcome additions to breakfast. Some of the most popular things on the breakfast menu are egg and cheese sandwiches and its numerous variations, cheese and ham sandwiches, and omelets.

Making all these discounts even more enticing are various promotions that provide you fun and entertainment along with many ways to save money off your purchases. Game pieces are provided on the chain’s coffee cups for example, and children who wish to try out their hand in the kitchen may do so with easy to follow recipes that will allow them to make their own doughnuts in the home.

Everyone Loves Unicorns

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A horse with a horn, right? Well, not exactly. Few people can seem to agree on the exact look of a unicorn. One of those people, there are those who think that unicorns really exist and those who believe they are imaginary creatures meant only for children. Even the personalities of unicorns are unclear. The word “unicorn” does come from the Latin origin and means “one horn”.

Most modern individuals and Rodent removal Port St Lucie believe the unicorn is nothing more than an imaginary creature looking like a horse with one horn protruding from the forehead. The unicorn is most usually white, though black is also another frequent color. It’s also stated that a unicorn might just be ridden by a virgin, as it signifies purity. But this is far from the only view of what a unicorn is.

Unicorns are not simply viewed as being horses. Historically, the unicorn appears as an animal looking much like a goat or a deer. Sometimes the unicorn is represented with facets of lions, such as a lion-like tale. In some cultures, unicorns have similarities. Unicorns were sometimes also seen as being big animals, with large feet and a clumsy appearance, appearing more like a monster than a creature of elegance. The unicorn is most commonly represented with cloven hooves.

Unicorns are thought of as beautiful and stylish, but there’s more to them than external charm. It’s mostly considered that unicorns are loners and rarely associate with their own kind, being solitary creatures. Unicorns are said to be pure of spirit, this being the reason only a virgin is able to tame them. Generally unicorns are thought to be benevolent, being very gentle in nature. By some accounts however, unicorns are thought of as ferocious.

The unicorn is a mythical creature and as is the case with most legends, views of the authentic nature of unicorns have changed much over the years. Most commonly, the unicorn is considered to be a magical creature. They are also thought to bring good fortune. A unicorn’s horn is thought to cure illness and toxin and to provide protection against evil.

The unicorn appears all around the world. In medieval Europe, it appears as a sign of purity frequently representing Christ and love. Unicorns are mentioned in ancient Greece having multicolored horns. Early Mesopotamian artwork has unicorns present. Unicorns are thought to be referenced in Jewish folklore in addition to in the Bible. In Chinese lore the unicorn is called K’i-lin and in Japanese mythology Kirin.

Lots of people do think that unicorns exist now and one way to know a unicorn is nearby is to find a white feather. Others believe that they did exist on earth but no more. Some of course also think that unicorns never did exist, but are simply a creation of human creativity.


Brown Potato in Front of French Fries

In this article I would like to share with you how to create the best hand cut chips you’ve ever tasted and find Critter Control Near Me! There are so many procedures to making hand cut fries and everybody argues about which way to go. Twice cooked or only cooked once, what size to cut the fries,rinse or not to rinse, what temperature the oil is, what kind of oil or fat to use, what sort of potato to use, what sort of salt, and some of the main points french fry enthusiasts debate about.

I am going to share with you a few different methods including my personal favorite but I will let you find out your personal favorite on your own:

I like to use a regular Idaho Potato washed but not peeled. You can cut them by hand with a knife by making 1/4″ slices and then cutting 1/4″ inch sticks out from the slices but if you intend on doing fries frequently invest in a fry cutter. All it takes is to pull down the lever and collect the cut fries below them. At this point lots of people choose to rinse them under cold water for about 15-20 minutes to eliminate some of the starch and stop them from sticking together. I feel this takes away from the taste of the potato and never rinse but feel free to try both approaches out and see for yourself. You may prevent un rinsed potatoes from sticking by shaking the basket and stirring with tongs during frying.

Again you reach another fork in the road, blanch them (twice cooking) or single cooking. To blanch just fry the french fries at 250F for around 5 minutes and distribute on a sheet-tray and cool in the fridge. Then fry at 350 to crisp them and get color. This method gets a crispier fry but I feel that the blanching process takes away the flavor of the potato.

For Single Cooking fry the french fries at 350 for about 10 minutes and ensure that they are cooked inside. The french fry will not remain crispy as long (like boardwalk fries), but the taste is noticeably better and tastes like a potato rather than a crispy rod of something required to be drowned in ketchup: several French fry places like my favorite, Thrashers Fries, will not even give you ketchup with there amazing fries. Just Cider/Malt Vinegar and Some Sea Salt makes the perfect fry!

Fry in Duck fat, though its relatively expensive if you happen to have made duck confit recently you may have a lot leftover. Duck Fat makes amazing fries.

Make it gourmet and complete the fries with fleur de sel (french sea salt) and truffle oil.

Finish it with Parmesan, finely minced fresh garlic, and chopped fresh coriander.

As a Marylander I got to have Old Bay in my fries

Stop buying ore-ida and revel in hand cut fries at home! Check out my site at LearnFromAChef.com [http://learnfromachef.Com] to find out more cooking tips!


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The Hamburg steak as it was called in the 1800’s was served on the voyages from Germany to the United States. The meat patties were quickly cooked and served on two pieces of bread. To attract many of the sailors and European people to their eating stands sellers. They would provide the Hamburg style steak on the menu.

With Hamburg steak firmly embedded the American culture in the late 1800’s claims of how it served in today’s standard is according to Congress woman Rosa DeLaurao.

This is a contested fact. We’ll give you a few more names and areas of the Hamburger in america.

Fletcher Davis of Athers Texas sold hamburgers from the cafe in the late 1800’s before taking them to the World’s Fair in 1904.

Frank and Charles Menches seller at a county fair ran from their sausage sandwiches and started using beef instead. It was recorded this took place in 1892 in the Summit County Fair in Akron Ohio.

In 1885 Charles Nagreen currently known as hamburger Charlie who made sandwiches which were easy to eat while walking at the Seymour Fair that he was just 15 years old at the time.

Proof that Oscar Bilby in 1891 was the first to serve the Hamburger on a bun in Tulsa Oklahoma. In 1995 Governor Frank Keating proclaimed the first true hamburger on a bun was made and consumed in Tulsa Oklahoma.

With 40 billion served up in the United States alone has truly become Melbourne FL Animal Removal and America’s favorite sandwich. It might not have ever happened because in 1906 Upton Sinclair’s Journalistic novel “The Jungle” detailed the unsavory parts of the meat packing industry in the usa. Ground beef became subject to much scrutiny since it was easy to add meat scraps, additives and fillers

It became the direct way for the fast food hamburger success. The White Castle restaurants gleamed with cleanliness bringing the hamburger standing along with it.

The combinations that have come with the hamburger are endless with ideas being created without end. Lots of you have your own favorite recipe for the burger of your choice.

So the next time you pull into your favorite fast food restaurant, fire up the grill or place one on the George Forman grill you will know a little of this evolution on the Hamburger.

That is some fantastic information regarding ground beef and the way our food always has a little history behind it.

Are You A Chocolate Chip Cookie Monster!?

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Toll House cookies. No, they were not discovered in China by explorer Marco Polo. They didn’t show up at the castle dining room of some French king or queen. Contrary to some stories, their invention was no accident. Ruth Graves Wakefield, chef and owner of the Toll House Inn restaurant in Massachusetts, served a butterscotch cookie that Melbourne FL Animal Removal adored. Wanting to expand her repertoire, 1 day she chopped up a Nestle’s chocolate bar and added the bits to her cookie batter, creating the first toll house cookie. A perfectionist and first-class baker, she tweaked the recipe before she discovered the perfect combination, and thus the country’s most popular cookie was born.

The Toll House Inn, which was located on the street between Boston and Cape Cod, was a regular stop for famous citizens, among them the Kennedy family, and has been known for their excellent food, especially their desserts. Ruth Wakefield, together with her husband, featured good old home cooking, and Mrs. W. had a background in home economics, which she put to use daily from the Inn’s kitchen.

During WWII, although chocolate was rationed, Nestle developed a clever marketing ploy which encouraged homemakers to do their part for the war effort by baking cookies for our boys in uniform and shipping them overseas. It was as powerful as rolling bandages and knitting socks, and the people lapped it up. Nestle chocolate skyrocketed as they rolled out their chocolate morsels, made specifically for baking Toll House cookies, with the recipe printed on the back of every morsels package. After the war, baby boomers happily grew up on homemade chocolate chip cookies, and servicemen returned home to one of their favourite wartime treats.

Since its humble beginnings from one simple recipe, an entire industry has been spawned, with hundreds of variations and combinations. The Cookie Monster surely did his part to promote cookies to kids, notably the chocolate chip variety heading the list. A young entrepreneurial homemaker called Mrs. Fields sold expensive gourmet biscuits throughout the country’s shopping malls. David’s Cookies and Famous Amos rode the wave during the explosion of cookie popularity, each featuring their unique version of the chocolate chip cookie. Online sales abound for these beloved treats, and dozens of brands line grocery store shelves along with many different chip flavors and sizes.

A recipe which even a kid or adolescent can manage, pre-made dough may also be purchased, ready to bake, for those unwilling to start from scratch. What can compare to freshly baked cookies, and these high the hit parade in aroma and simplicity. Many prospective chefs and bakers cut their teeth on this popular recipe, no doubt sneaking tastes of raw dough when mother wasn’t looking.

In the Northeast, Ruth Wakefield was a well-known cook and cookbook author and would undoubtedly have her own show on the Food Network were she alive today. And she wasn’t just a one-trick pony. But who would have thought a simple fresh cookie could secure her place at foodie history and be right up there with apple pie? An American original and not just for kids.

The Best Part Of The Wedding=CAKE!!

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The wedding cake has always been important to the marriage celebration. In early Roman times, bread was broken over the head of the bride, representing good luck for the couple. As time passed, different foods replaced bread and were piled, the happy couple anticipated to lean it over and kiss before dismantling and serving. The contents evolved into buns and small cakes or pastries, sometimes even meat pies that were eaten as part of their meal. However, the symbolism has pretty much remained the same, that of fertility and good fortune, as the newlyweds ceremoniously cut the cake and discuss with each other before Vero Beach Wildlife Control.

Contemporary cakes are often not even edible but only disguised cardboard or styrofoam, elaborately decorated, then whisked away to the kitchen where a simple sheet cake is cut and served to the unsuspecting guests. Traditionally the top layer, often referred to as the groom’s cake, is saved and consumed at a later date, or may be different entirely. At some weddings, the cake is composed of tiered cupcakes for easy serving, or displayed on an elaborate “sweet table” of desserts where the guests can help themselves.

During the Victorian era in Britain (1800s) that the royals and elite class took the wedding cake into a new high (literally) with sweet white and cake icing for a status symbol of the bride and groom, exemplified by the lavish display served at the 1871 wedding of Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Louise, that took three months to finish. One has to wonder how well it held up literally throughout all that time and was it still edible. Apparently so, as pieces of the first were sold off decades later. 1 buyer described the texture as “firm,” an understatement to be sure. Although most royals favor a lavish but somewhat traditional cake, elaborate reproductions of palaces and historic landmarks have been prominently featured at some elite children’s weddings.

No more the traditional white cake or fruitcake (favored by Brits) the modern cakes have evolved into spectacles of artistry, with unique themes, sculptures, photographs and even replicas of the bride and groom themselves. They are carrot cake, chocolate or cheesecake, with colorful icing and decorations of any taste, and frequently come with a price tag far surpassing the bridal gown. Specially trained pastry chefs compete on Food Network and have their own companies which create wedding cakes exclusively.

Possibly, the most renowned wedding cake in history belongs to the character Miss Havisham in Charles Dickens’ legendary novel Great Expectations. The jilted spinster, left at the altar, spends the rest of her life in her bedroom wearing her wedding dress, the rotting wedding cake display, covered with cobwebs. Although not so striking, here are some famous modern-day cakes which deserve mention:

Actress Grace Kelly’s celebrated marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco featured a six-tiered wedding cake in their reception in 1956, also depicted a three-dimensional replica of Monaco’s Pink Palace, her soon-to-be new home.

When a radiant Elizabeth Taylor carved to a five-tiered white cake at her lavish first wedding to hotel heir Nicky Hilton in 1950, it was topped with traditional wedding bells, created by the pastry chef at the chichi Bel-Air Country Club in California. Imagine the lucky bakers who were commissioned by Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor. Even though the cakes got smaller and smaller with each subsequent union, they still had a terrific repeat business from each of the two actresses.

At the 1947 royal wedding of Princess Elizabeth, soon to become Queen of England, the 500-pound fruitcake (a traditional British favorite) stood 9 feet tall. It required 660 eggs, 300 pounds of dried nuts and fruits, and three-and-a-half gallons of Navy rum. (And some of us complain when we receive a measly two-pound fruitcake at Christmas.)

Prince Charles and Diana’s five-foot tall cake was adorned with marzipan Windsor coats of arms and was so vital to the royal celebration that a duplicate copy was created, in case of an accident.

Elvis Presley married Priscilla in 1967, where the wedding featured a large yellow cake, which came with a price tag of $22,000, a staggering amount in 1967. Made by the pastry chef at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, he proudly proclaimed the layers of his masterpiece were filled with apricot marmalade and liqueur-flavored Bavarian cream, then glazed with fondant icing, topped off with marzipan roses. Fit for a king.

Donald Trump and Melania’s cake cost $50,000 and could not be served to the guests due to the amount of wiring used to keep it intact. (Writer’s note: I do not know about anybody else, but it sounds so delicious that I’d have gladly picked out the cables and devoured it.)

No question, the wedding cake has evolved into an art form, where creativity and creativity know no boundaries. If you can dream it up, and absorb the cost, you’ll find a willing and gifted baker to make it. In the words of a famous French royal, “Let them eat cake.” Indeed.

Grill Up Your Sweets

Firewood Below Grill

Desserts are the cherry at the top of every comprehensive menu. From simple dinners to large parties, dessert is the part that everyone looks forward to. You don’t need to bake ahead to serve some sweets, make them using your grill!

Try these decadent grilled dessert recipes – Vero Beach Critter Control will surely approve!

What you need:

1 pineapple, sliced
1/2 cup coconut milk
2 tbsp coconut rum
1 tablespoon cream of coconut
1 tablespoon butter
1 1/2 tsp cornstarch
To prepare the sauce, pour the coconut milk, coconut rum and cream of coconut in a pan and cook over moderate heat. Add the cornstarch and continue stirring until the mixture has thickened. Remove from heat and pour mixture into a bowl. Stir in the butter and blend until smooth. Set aside to cool. Thread pineapple pieces onto skewers then cook on a skillet over medium heat until grill marks appear, about 4 minutes each side. Serve with coconut sauce.
Grilled Nutty Berry Quesadillas

What you need:

4 bits 6-inch flour tortillas
12-15 pieces strawberries, halved
Whipped cream
Spray grill grates with cooking spray then grill flour tortillas for 3 to 4 minutes per side or until grill marks appear. Remove from heat. Spread a tortilla with Nutella then scatter half of the strawberry halves over it. Top with another flour tortilla and slice into 6 pieces. Repeat with remaining ingredients. Drink quesadillas topped with whipped cream.
Grilled S’mores Bowl

What you need:

16 pieces graham cracker squares
16 pieces jumbo marshmallows
4 milk chocolate bars, divided
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 cup caramel bits
Layer the graham crackers, jumbo marshmallows, mini marshmallows and chocolate bars in a large round aluminium cake pan. Top with caramel pieces (and more chocolate pieces if desired). Place the cake pan over a skillet (indirect heat) and cook, covered, until marshmallows melt, about 2 minutes. Remove from grill and serve straight away.
The grill is not only used to cook steaks, hot dogs and burgers and any other tasty grilled meal. You can prepare an entire menu using your grill from appetizers to desserts. These decadent grilled desserts are easy to create and both adults and kids will love them! Try them at your next cook out and you’re sure to seem to be an expert griller.

Tips To Handle Your Leo

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People born under the sign of Leo (23rd July- 22rd August), represented by the lion, can be, as their sign indicates, leonine indeed. This fire sign falls in the northern hemisphere’s Summer and Leos certainly tend to get a glow and a warmth about them. Leo babies often grow up to be kings and queens of the social jungles and frequently enjoy a good game of cat and mouse with those to whom they are attracted. As well as being predators these lions can be like little kittens. They’ve an endearing, child like charm and excitement that can last long into old age and is positively infectious. On the other hand, these regal rulers can be limelight hoggers and attention seekers and will probably reveal their fiery side if things are not quite to their precise specifications.

Leo is ruled, unsurprisingly, by the sun. All sun signs who have the sun prominent in their birth chart are go-getters capable of tremendous concentration and full of vision. In a Leo, who’s ruled by sunlight, this can, at its worst turn into or be perceived as ruthlessness. If a Leo has you marked out as a potential mate there is often little hope of resisting them! The Leo lover can be very demanding and Leo men are known for a degree of selfishness when it comes to pleasures of the flesh. Leo fans are filled with energy and enthusiasm and, being the focus junkies that they are, can be prone to exhibitionism.

Leo – The Romantic Approach

When all is said and done a Leo spouse will be great fun. They are dynamic, spontaneous and die hard romantics. Flattery never fails. A Leo enjoys – create this needs – attention. Keep your eyes on your Leo alone and do not be shy of public displays of affection. Like all cats these lions like to indicate there land so expect tons of demonstrative displays in return when you’re out and about together. Leos can be fiercely jealous but it tends to be of those that they see as competition and these optimistic, sunny spirits can be too trusting. Loads of flattery will go done well and as much as they love to show off a lovely Leo will want you to show them off too. Introduce your Leo to your family and friends and this lion will adore you for it.

When it comes to love Leos can be a small traditional and even – dare I say it – a bit shallow. A Leo lover is likely to become bored if you can’t continue the romantic momentum. Cinema outings for two must be to find a love, Palm Bay Critter Control, costume drama or romantic comedy. You can see whatever you like with your friends but a date is a date and has to be romantic from start to finish.

Leos love to be spontaneous themselves but do not always appreciate surprises – they like to look their very best at all times as they know the entire world is looking right at them. Be prepared for a Leo to walk right out of a fabulous restaurant when he or she believes the lighting is unflattering. A Leo will love a surprise dinner date but only if you spring the surprise a few hours ahead of time. Leo people, just like the lions of the Savannah, can be very set in their ways. You may find that if you and you beautiful Leo find a watering hole or restaurant which meets with their approval (and by default, yours, according to the Leo in your life) you’ll not just become regulars but the waiter will place your lion or lioness’ order through the chef before you’ve even sat down.

What a Capricorn cutie might dismiss as cliché a Leo lovely will simply love, darling! A note on buying fragrances for a Leo. They will have their favorites and will be unlikely to deviate from them. Buy a Leo the wrong perfume or aftershave and the chances are you’ll be having a lovers’ tiff at the very least. Leos are drama kings and queens. It’s easy to learn what scent your partner prefers as Leos love talking all about themselves. Tell them how wonderful they always smell and then, just ask!

People born under the sign of Leo are not governed by the sun but they actively seek it. If you’re thinking of buying bath products for a Leo think tropical. Fruit and floral scents of the Summer will bring a smile and if they’re packaged beautifully will find an area on Leos perfectly ordered toilet shelf. Leos love display. If you feel like creating a spontaneous show of affection with a gift try a enormous bunch of sunflowers – a single stem will not cut it with a Leo whose motto could be, “more is more.” Chocolates infused with orange oil or jewelled with berries are another great option.

In actuality, jewellery is a great love of Leo girls though subtlety isn’t. Go for high quality statement piece with sparkle and/or intricate patterns. Leos like to put on a display and their look is hugely important to them. Purchase a Leo man a bright silk tie in summery colors and bright, beaded or embroidered Indian style scarves for ladies. Spoil your Leo partner, and yourself, with indulgent spa treatments that will make you both feel and look a million dollars.

Race Engines From the Beginning

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Are you aware that race cars must have extremely powerful engines so as to be winners? Besides the aerodynamics that have been implemented along with the alterations, the engine is what makes the car the ultimate winner.

Among the most famous engines in the F1 was the Ferrari V10 F1.

The Porsche Flat 6 is just another racing vehicle that left an impression on the world. It was a 2.0 litre air cooled engine. The latest version of this Porsche has received remarkable results by winning many races over the years.

The Porsche Flat 12 has among the biggest engines in the racing industry. There are two horizontal six motors packed into this vehicle. It’s a 4.5 litre engine that has 1500 horse power. You can imagine how cramped the motorist should have been to make space for this gigantic machine.

The Mazda R26B 4-rotor may have been one of the craziest versions in the racing industry. Having entered 21 races and just winning one might be a strange statistic. This 1 race was the LeMans and it made an impression as it was the only car that wasn’t a traditional piston engine and it was a exceptional marque.

The BMW S14 was the start of the M-series. Winning the championship but winning no races, it was only a 2.5 litre engine with only four cylinders.

The Audi R10-18 TDI has been through many changes over the years but always had a search motor. Originally, this model was a petrol engine that had ten cylinders. This was entered into the LeMans race and won. However, the manufacturers decided to put a diesel engine with twelve cylinders and two turbos after having Dead animal removal near me. Now, that is an awesome amount of power in only a single race car.

Ever race car has to be outfitted with the finest mechanical and electrical parts. Races are there to prove the standard of the car before hitting the city streets. Racing cars also test how well an engine can deal under extreme conditions such as heat, snow and rain.

Racing tracks are also the best places for tyre manufacturers to test their new products. Rubber should withstand friction and heat over long intervals and track day is the time to test it.

Minty’s is one of the leading tyre suppliers in South Africa, and is recognized for our high standard of customer support. We have built a reputation amongst our customers and ensure that they receive tyres and alloy wheels of the maximum quality, one of the largest brands nationwide.

Dreams Are Important

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My granddaddy once said that when our DREAMS are large enough that the odds don’t matter. That’s right! Dare to dream and don’t be scared to even dream with Orlando Animal Removal and your eyes wide-open.

You see, any dreaming is better than no dreaming. But, dreaming with your eyes wide-open is way stronger than most folks realize. The dreaming we do at night with our eyes closed shut usually results in us waking up back into our old reality, in the same location, where not much has changed.

Discussing with our eyes wide-open, a thing that some may call daydreaming or visualization, will many times end up creating a consciousness that’s significantly closer to what we want our reality to be. You see, at night we’re dreaming without taking action. Dreaming through the day, however, happens with our eyes wide-open. We’re awake, and because we are awake we can consciously move toward our dreams.

I’m sure a great deal of us know people that are dreamers. And the funny thing is that lots of people talk about these dreamers like their dreaming is a negative thing. Dreaming isn’t a negative thing. Quite to the contrary my friend, daydreaming is a really positive thing, and so are dreamers. And the larger the dreams, the better! Now, I am not saying that we all should walk around all day with our heads in the clouds. In fact, most of us know that we have to get our work done, and do what we have to do, right? However, we’re not working all day long, nonstop. And when we aren’t working, what is wrong with daring to dream?

We can nevertheless be that great person we used to dream about when we were younger, more imaginative, and more daring. Now adolescents, go learn, lead, and put the way to a better world for all of us. Dare to Dream! And once more, thanks in advance for all that you do, and everything you will do…

Need To Gain Self Confidence?

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Each of us is unique and we each have our own talents and strengths, few nevertheless actually develop their strengths and use them to gain confidence in there-selves and to generally better there-selves.

You’ve probably been told Daytona Beach Wildlife Control are naturally gifted at something you enjoy doing, yet you let your abilities remain silent as you do not have the confidence or belief to take action.

Some may even become so accustomed to their routine that they inherently think they don’t have any skills or talents beyond those they use regularly. To develop your strengths you will need to keep working at them, over-time you will fortify these skills and will therefore obviously gain confidence in yourself.

If you set goals you’ll have targets to work towards to keep you motivated. Grab a pencil and paper and make note of those things you want to achieve and set a time frame on these accomplishments. It’s important to set small and realistic aims especially to begin with, setting unrealistic targets and failing to meet them will only damage your self-confidence.


If you’re taking on a new challenge then it might be a wise to do a little research. Let’s say you wanted to learn how to meditate, then it would be wise to learn the basics first, find what tools you can online and make a commitment to learning on a daily basis. Bear in mind the main reason for any activity is to strengthen your strengths.


Identifying and developing your strengths is not an overnight procedure! Developing your strengths will need discipline and patience which many struggle to keep long-term. Try to think of it as a journey instead of a process. As you progress you’ll celebrate new milestones and obviously gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Believe in yourself

This is where you’re going to concentrate on your self-confidence. Your assurance can be your best advantage in having the belief to take on new challenges and succeed in those struggles. If you’ve got the self belief and confidence in attaining your goals then you’re already half-way there!

* the largest challenge is in the mind, learn how to counteract the negative and self-destructive ideas and replace them with positive thoughts.

Dealing With A Broken Heart?

Listen, once you’re attempting to learn how to manage a broken heart, times are merely tricky. All you would wind up doing is becoming more depressed, stressed out, and a little pissed off too. So let us just work on how best to manage a broken heart now with Daytona Animal Removal.


From time to time, your job is the best thing required to fight a broken heart. It permits you to remain focused on your life accessible, with no all revolving around your prior relationship. 1 thing to notice though is that this may also be a bad omen as well.


To tell the truth, if you enjoy playing video games whether on or offline, they’re the best ways to drop that broken heart feeling. 1 minute you are feeling miserable and the next you want to kick the bad guys butt. Whatever game you’re playing it’s an excellent escape from reality. Unfortunately at some point in time you’ll need to return and when you do the feeling may be worse. Video games just put everything in a standstill until you are done.

#3. Exercise

There are a lot of people out there who believe the best approach to understand how to manage a broken heart is by exercising. All the stress you suffer from an earlier relationship can lead to a chemical imbalance in the body. However, a fantastic walk, jog, or complete exercise will alter the body overnight. Hopefully both emotionally and physically.

Heart-shaped Red Neon Signage

#4. Your Favorite Hobby

After taking a look at the first three, some of these could be considered your principal pastime. But when things are tight and people are worried, they frequently turn to their favorite pastime. It can be shooting or buying a few basketballs down in the park.

Getting the News

It’s never easy going through a breakup with someone. It is even worse when you must fix a broken heart. While everything sounds like bad news today, the great news is that your friends are waiting. We just ask you do not get into each of the unconventional additional curricula’s across the way. Drugs, alcohol, gaming, and everything else similar is only a short lived replacement. Plus, it might hurt the rest of your life also.

Instead, allow the person know you’re merely fine without them and better yourself. If they see or hear you sulking, it will only make them feel as if they were in control the whole time. We’re pretty sure that you don’t need that at all. Eventually it will all subside and you’ll be helping someone else work out how to take care of a broken heart.