Everyone Loves Unicorns

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A horse with a horn, right? Well, not exactly. Few people can seem to agree on the exact look of a unicorn. One of those people, there are those who think that unicorns really exist and those who believe they are imaginary creatures meant only for children. Even the personalities of unicorns are unclear. The word “unicorn” does come from the Latin origin and means “one horn”.

Most modern individuals and Rodent removal Port St Lucie believe the unicorn is nothing more than an imaginary creature looking like a horse with one horn protruding from the forehead. The unicorn is most usually white, though black is also another frequent color. It’s also stated that a unicorn might just be ridden by a virgin, as it signifies purity. But this is far from the only view of what a unicorn is.

Unicorns are not simply viewed as being horses. Historically, the unicorn appears as an animal looking much like a goat or a deer. Sometimes the unicorn is represented with facets of lions, such as a lion-like tale. In some cultures, unicorns have similarities. Unicorns were sometimes also seen as being big animals, with large feet and a clumsy appearance, appearing more like a monster than a creature of elegance. The unicorn is most commonly represented with cloven hooves.

Unicorns are thought of as beautiful and stylish, but there’s more to them than external charm. It’s mostly considered that unicorns are loners and rarely associate with their own kind, being solitary creatures. Unicorns are said to be pure of spirit, this being the reason only a virgin is able to tame them. Generally unicorns are thought to be benevolent, being very gentle in nature. By some accounts however, unicorns are thought of as ferocious.

The unicorn is a mythical creature and as is the case with most legends, views of the authentic nature of unicorns have changed much over the years. Most commonly, the unicorn is considered to be a magical creature. They are also thought to bring good fortune. A unicorn’s horn is thought to cure illness and toxin and to provide protection against evil.

The unicorn appears all around the world. In medieval Europe, it appears as a sign of purity frequently representing Christ and love. Unicorns are mentioned in ancient Greece having multicolored horns. Early Mesopotamian artwork has unicorns present. Unicorns are thought to be referenced in Jewish folklore in addition to in the Bible. In Chinese lore the unicorn is called K’i-lin and in Japanese mythology Kirin.

Lots of people do think that unicorns exist now and one way to know a unicorn is nearby is to find a white feather. Others believe that they did exist on earth but no more. Some of course also think that unicorns never did exist, but are simply a creation of human creativity.

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